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Why united fitness kickboxing?

because i will teach you the correct way to strike a bag. you will learn a real fighting stance, the proper way to throw a jab. how to pivot your foot when you throw a punch, hook, uppercut, and elbows. you will learn a front kick, side kick, roundhouse and knee strikes. I add a lot of self-defense moves to my workouts so not only will you get a great workout, you will learn how to defend yourself, both standing and from the ground. I currently hold a 3rd degree black belt, so know that this is not going to be a typical 'fast food' kickboxing class. hopefully you will never be in a situation to have to defend yourself, but if you are, my training will give you a better advantage.

what my class will accomplish for you

improved focus​ 

a strong core workout

works off stress

The rapid movements in cardio kickboxing improve flexibility, balance, and coordination

helps you build faster reflexes.

​Burn Calories Fast. The Cardio element of kickboxing is one of the most effective ways to burn fat
total body Toning
you learn real self-Defense Move sets
Take out Aggression, because punching someone in the face is illegal
Feel Confident
​ with a full body workout
Training within a Team Environment
classes are for All Skill Levels

217 broadway westville n.j. 08093


united fitness kickboxing