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Melissa Congleton

Owner / instructor

In 2004, I stepped into my first kickboxing class. I was in decent shape, but - oh boy - that class kicked my butt! It also lit a fire within me, and I was quickly hooked on the energy, grit, and strength of the workout. I’m happy to say I’m in the best shape of my life from kickboxing and martial arts, and I’ve taken my passion one step further - to help you push harder & be stronger.

My students don’t just waltz into class and throw around some punches. I teach all the proper techniques in punches, knees, front kicks, etc. - as well as when to use them and why. You'll get a great workout and, should you ever have to defend yourself, you’ll feel confident and in-control. 

I truly love what I do, and it’s a pleasure for me to help people meet their fitness goals. I will push you to your limit within an inspiring & encouraging atmosphere, and I mix up my classes every week so you’ll never know what you’re in for! 

If you want a teacher with experience - I’ve got that, too. With over 19 years of kickboxing and martial arts training, I hold a third degree black belt in Tang So Doo. I’ve also trained in Ju Jitsu, Judo, ground fighting, stick fighting and MMA. 

If you're up for the challenge, sign up for a free class and give it a try.

Warning: my workouts are highly addictive.

I look forward to kicking butt with you.


217 broadway westville n.j. 08093


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