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​​​​​​​​United Fitness Kickboxing

I would like to thank everyone who came out for the self-defense seminar on november 24th. It was a great day and i feel that everyone left feeling more confident in being able to protect yourselves. 

Don't worry ladies, there will be more!

Self Defense Seminar

I am offering a free self defense seminar for all of my members on Sunday, November 24th  at 10:30 am where You will be learning a more detailed aspect of some of the moves you have learned in class.

What if you are on the ground and someone gets passed your sidekick and is standing above you? What if the creepy guy is now sitting on you? (as per this poor little old lady in the picture above) 

This is for members only but I will consider others participating. Just ask for details.
The seminar is free but I will be accepting donations for Officer Jamie Morris. She will be doing the 300 mile Police unity Tour this coming year.
I will be needing a head count so you need to sign up beforehand.

Just text me or sign up at the school.

Please note: No seniors were injured during this photo shoot. :)